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Vacation Information // 2024

HA! That rhymed.

Please note I'll be out of office and/or have very limited availability on:

Ich konsumiere Inhalte lieber auf Deutsch.

video editing,
graphic & motion design

What drives us

... or me ... basically, because I'm a one-man-show, but "we" sounds more majestic

From small businesses to international corporations, we enjoy working with people and brands we love and truly believe can make a difference. Respect, understanding, open-mindedness, and affordable pricing while maintaining or improving quality are what make a long-term, sustainable work relationship. Because your growth is our growth.


We admire people who are dedicated to teaching. If your passion is to give tutorials on cooking, sewing, a software, drawing, life, or any other topic – we’d be grateful to support you.


Making people enjoy themselves, smile, or even laugh out loud is not just a nice-to-have, but an essential part of our work. If they learn something – great! If they have fun doing so – excellent.


When people sympathize with you, your character, and your channel, they start coming back from time to time. When people feel appreciated and see the effort you put into the little things, they'll stick. Period.

What you'll get

A reliable creative partner at your fingertips.

Coming up with topics, sketching out ideas, thinking through strategies, and developing sustainable USPs that set your content apart from others ... yep, content creation is a full-time commitment. And just as with cars, home repair, or injuries – we turn to specialists for their expertise. So keep doing what you do best and tell us about your vision, mission, and potential ideas. We'll make sure to be your extra set of eyes, ears, and hands.

Video Editing

Working with the footage you provide us with excites us. Our edits come with branding, color correction, audio mix, and individual adaptation to fit every major platform out there.

Motion Graphics

We love getting things in motion. That’s why we offer everything – from simple motion design, lower thirds, intros, outros and the like, right up to fully animated videos in the desired style.

Graphic Design

A video or animation only gets as good as its graphic elements. We know how to properly use existing graphics and how to add new ones created from scratch to round off your CI.
brand exploration for miramondo
abstract illustrations for miramondo website "About" section
Illustration and animation of 2 image videos, illustration of abstract graphics in a reduced line style for a website relaunch, as well as the concept and design of a new brand identity (not implemented) for Wolfgang and the fun Miramondo bunch.
2020 – 2023
Developing the corporate identity from scratch for Andreas' painting and flooring business, starting with a simple, minimalist, elegant logo. // Concept, creation and print preproduction of business cards, banners, workwear and car foil, simple web design and development and photography.
2022 – now
a screenshot from a video, showing Nisha from Rainbow Plant Life
Regular video editing – from raw footage to final YouTube video – for Nisha from Rainbow Plant Life, a channel all about teaching flavourful plant-based cooking at home, from fancy date-night meals to meal prep guides. // Editing, motion design and animation, graphic work, audio mix (music and sound effects).
2023 – now
Kleiner Guru "little Guru" booklets, illustrated animals
A (starting as personal) project of the heart with my former primary school teacher Barbara. Developing an illustration style and language for the Guruniversum ("guruniverse"), the world of the Kleiner Guru ("little guru") character and his animal friends teaching mindfulness, resilience, relaxation, (mental) strength and more. // Illustration of the Kleiner Guru and 25+ animal friends, concept, creation and layouting of various printed matter, such as 5 exercise booklets, accompanying books and folders, simple web design and development.
2022 – now
Regular video editing – from raw footage to final YouTube video – for Adam and Patrick from Guy in a Cube, a channel focusing on "teaching the clicks" of Microsoft Fabric, including PowerBI and Azure Synapse with tutorial style content. // Editing, motion design and animation, graphic work, audio mix (music and sound effects).
2021 – now
Developing a recognizable, elegant event branding for an anniversary gala for my boyfriend's + family's local sports club. // Concept and realization of various printed materials for an exhibition, invitations and chronicles. Editing, motion design and other graphic work, creation of a temporary event landing page.
Illustrating an assembly instruction for Christoph from mau Naturkratzbäume, a one-man-business selling handmade cat trees. // Simple line style illustrations with a wink.
Regular video editing – from raw footage to final YouTube video – for Simon from Better Creating, a channel all about great ideas, tools and tech to help live your best life, including tutorials about the productivity app Notion, digital productivity, lifestyle design & mindset. // Editing, motion design and animation, graphic work, audio mix (music and sound effects).
2022 – now
mockup of a folder for a press event for boté cosmetics
loyalty program folder for boté cosmetics
variety of posters for different brands for boté cosmetics
voucher layout for boté cosmetics
Developing the corporate identity for Stevie from boté cosmetics, an international distributor for luxury skincare, fragrance and lifestyle products from scratch, starting with a simple, minimalist and recognizable logo and further dialing in colors, fonts and brand guidelines to create a cohesive company image. // Concept, creation and print preproduction of various printed matter, such as business cards, envelopes and other stationery, display posters of any size, presentations and event graphics.
2020 – now
Anything caught your eye?
Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to get a deeper insight in any of these projects or want to learn more about other stuff I do!
get in touch
Anything caught your eye?
Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to get a deeper insight in any of these projects or want to learn more about other stuff I do!
get in touch


Long story short (TL:DR) –

I'm Sara, a cat lady, graphic head and motion crack from Austria who – some time ago – graduated in Adobe Illustrator among other things; – yep, you read correctly. Starting my path at Sky Österreich broadcasting company, following a full-time commitment for editing, graphic and motion design at a Viennese video agency specializing in educational content, I eventually turned my passion into a job and founded space motion studios. – Say that quickly three times in row.

Vocational College for Product Management and Presentation
Sep 2011 — Jul 2016
Ya, we all know school sucks at times, and it's been five looong years. But now, the more time goes by the more I realize how immensely valuable each and every single lesson was, and now it feels as if these 900 something days of school had passed in just a second.

Most of all, apart from all the foreign language classes, did I appreciate something called "Media Workshop" – and hell yeah! did it feel like instant vacation during the school day. We got introduced to the entire Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, even Dreamweaver (that thing still around?) – and I freakin' loved every pixel of it.

Now I could finally make sense of all the doodling around in Photoshop I'd already done years before – I can say with a 100 % certainty everyone loved my photoshopped Christmas cards ... I might be able to dig back up a few world-class pieces.
At this point in time ...
my favorite person: Prof. Taferner
my favorite software: Adobe Photoshop
my favorite animal: cats
Content Production and Digital Media Management
Sep 2017 — Jul 2020
No. Heckin'. Clue. What. To do. After School. It needed to be something creative, that much I knew. So I decided last minute and went for Transcultural Communication aka Translating between German, English and French ... for a burning hot three months.

I started working at an event-marketing agency for a year, teaching me how to be persistent a hell of a lot more than my first time at university did. And geez did I grow that year – personally, professionally, mentally – through weaseling around every other weekend, organizing stuff, preparing locations, keeping people happy, bringing everything back into shape afterwards etc.

Nonetheless I felt the pressure – ya, now I know better – to get a degree. I think that's an Austrian thing: No title, no nothing. So I went back to university part-time for a program that promised three years of audio, video and text production, but hid as journalism under the covers. – Which I definitely didn't wanna do. But guess what, ... I did. Figure that persistence from working in the event business was here to stay.
At this point in time ...
my favorite person: coworker Sarah
my favorite software: Adobe Illustrator
my favorite animal: cats
Communication and Media Studies at Hawai'i Pacific University
Aug — Dec 2018
You guessed it – I didn't looove my studies too much. Plus, working on the side, living an hour away from university and courses themself kept me from enjoying the perks of the student life ... simply because I was tired. And being a sleepy person with a busy life is hard.

As a sucker for English-speaking culture, I seized the chance and fled the everyday life for half a year on a semester abroad. I chose my courses out of pure interest, taking into account the risk of not getting them accredited back home. – Best decision period, if not life changing.

I found myself sitting in a Motion Design and Animation course with zero experience. And those beginner baby steps really quickly turned into me running, OHHH how I loved it! Creating graphics from scratch was cool, no doubt, but making them move, change shape, fly in and about the screen was heckin' awesome!

I was initially leaving for the island to get a clear head; and then from one day to the other, I just knew I HAD to get a job in animation. No freaking doubt about that anymore.
At this point in time ...
my favorite person: Prof. Quest
my favorite software: Adobe After Effects
my favorite animal: cats
Work Life
Sky Broadcasting Austria
Jun 2019 — Mar 2021
I finished my degree while starting an internship at Sky Broadcasting in Vienna, where I could finally make use of my graphic and editing skills in the actual, real business world.

My time there was definitely worth it, especially because of all the lovely, motivated people I got to spend time with. Though my whole creative craving there was ... let me paint you a picture ... not served as a main dish. Imagine it more like an appetizer ... or maybe even only a side.

And even though I really didn't like being put in the spotlight (and still don't), I felt like I wasn't too bad at that whole graphic-editing-animation stuff I had going on there. Somehow I felt it was worth sending the main dish back to the kitchen and ordering another tremendous load of sides instead.
At this point in time ...
my favorite person(s): Jani, Sophia, Agata
my favorite software: Adobe Premiere
my favorite animal: cats
Video Editor and Motion Designer
Mar 2020 — Jul 2022
There were internal opportunities, but after experiencing both extremes of the spectrum – working in a small < 5 people team and a huge 100 + people corporation – I had a feeling the perfect equation went more into the "more creative, less people" direction.

So there I was, joining another small team, whose creative heads you could count on a single hand ... with two fingers gone. And it felt like a huge leap into the deep end – thinking back, it frankly feels even scarier now than it did back then. Because let's be honest – all I knew at that point in time were the basics of After Effects, plus minus a few personal projects (much like those fancy greeting cards from 9-year-old me).

But somehow I winged it. Then, a cool three days in my new office space later, the pandemic hit. And still – I found myself home, both geographically and professionally.
At this point in time ...
my favorite person(s): Julia, Lea, Gaia
my favorite software: Adobe After Effects
my favorite animal: cats
space motion studios
Sep 2020 — hopefully forever
The urge to being creative never stopped after clocking out – not after school, not after university, and not even after work. But at some point, doing my family, my friends and friends of friends creative favors got a bit out of hand and I asked myself "why not charge for quality work?"

I can still recall myself during university saying out loud that I'd "Never ever gonna become self-employed EVER. Everrr." And that thought was again fresh on my mind while sitting down to sign the last papers for my company founding. Apparently "never ever" did happen that day.

So there I was again, starting to charge people for creative services – and to my delight, they didn't stop coming. And to this day that is a feeling I want to foster and a mindset I want to keep – I won't ever be working FOR CLIENTS, I'm working WITH FRIENDS. Because that's where the creative process has absolutely no limits. #cheesy #sorrynotsorry
At this point in time ...
my favorite person(s): my business-friends
my favorite software: All of Adobe
my favorite animal: cats, still

Let's hit the ground running!

Do you already have a specific idea in mind or are you just getting started? Need some kind of graphic work, spice up your branding, or want to start flooding YouTube with awesome content? No matter what stage you're at, tell us all about it and ask us anything you need to know – Feel free to fill out our contact form as I’m more of a reader and writer and less of a talker, but also don't hesitate to give me a call. I might answer ;-)

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Common Questions

and other good-to-knows

Check if some of these little boxes help answer your questions or make it easier for you to decide whether or not we're the right fit for you and your project!

What's the best time and way to reach you?

I'm best reached Monday through Friday between 07:00 am and 03:00 pm CET. I usually answer my emails within a work day ( and also check my spam folders regularly. But if it's urgent, give me a call (+43 660 5666 744).

Is our initial talk / consultation free of charge?

Yes. Getting to know each other and finding out whether we sympathize is of vital – especially if you're aiming for a long-term collaboration. I won't charge for our email contact, and a subsequent initial call, where we specify your plans and our workflow.

Do I get all open data / open files?

Open data or files mean the working files I create as part of our project (.psd, .ai, .prproj, aep, ...), that anybody with the skill could then easily reuse and alter. Unless otherwise agreed, open data remains in my possession but can be purchased for an additional fee.

What do you need for a project estimate?

What exactly do you need (e.g. three graphics, five social posts, a business card design, two 30-second videos with simple animation, a 15-second fully animated video, ...)? Do you already have an existing brand identity? (e.g. logo, colors, fonts, icons, tonality, ...) What's the deadline? (e.g. in two weeks, sometime next month, until the end of the year, ...) Do you have a specific budget in mind? It's probably best to schedule a call and discuss all the necessary details. The more specific you are, the more accurately I can calculate cost and time.

What exactly do you offer?

Video Editing, including color correction, audio work and adding of music and sound effects, video export and adaptation to different formats, subtitles.

Motion Graphics, including intros, outros, endcards, lower thirds, transitions, 2D and 2.5D animation in various styles from simple to detailed, web and app animations, so-called "Lotties" (no 3D or cell, ... yet!).

Graphics Design, including digital products like logos, banners, thumbnails, icons, social posts, etc. and print products like business cards, posters, etc. or layout.

If what you're explicitly looking for isn't on this list, just ask – I love a good challenge ;-)

What I currently DO NOT offer, but can recommend someone else for: web design and web development, UI and UX design, marketing and brand strategy, professional photography, event marketing, texting, professional video and audio recording